Cellini Caffe by Sarafis
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Granite Machines Elmeco Fc Millenium 3x12L

Availability: Upon order

• granita for attractive, unique flavors in ice, sorbet and milkshake.
• Patented integrated cooling system (Total Cold) maintaining the product at a constant temperature until the last dose
• cooling fluid from the base of the well
• Double agitation system (horizontal and vertical)
• Control and operation of the machine are electronically
• Check minimum quantity and density of the material in the bucket resulting in protection device
• Day and Time Projection Screen
• Lighting at the top of the bucket to the attractive view of product
• Counter operating hours and defrost function
• Programmable functions according to customer needs on demand
• Easy upgrade machine software via a computer interface and use special software
• Version Tropical, consistently high performance at ambient temperatures up to 42oC